What Clients Say:

Seth brings a common sense, practical approach to solving problems, as well as an understanding of management theory.

Listen to what his clients say about his approach:

“A great facilitator and executive coach.”

“His coaching was a life-saver for my career.”

“He really understood our business.”

“He gave me the tools to look inside myself.”

“He’s brilliant as a professional . . .”

“He’s not only about theory, but real practical suggestions — strategies and tactics.”

“Seth is very understanding, and teaches us to be the same way.”

  • Seth has been a key advisor and coach for me as I continue to develop as a business leader. His honest and open approach fosters a strong positive relationship for us, allowing for a high degree of trust and openness. His keen insights and broad understanding of business leadership concepts continue to parlay that trust into a very productive and positive growth experience. I highly recommend Seth as both a personal leadership coach and as an educator to groups of any size within your organization.
    Search Engine Marketing Firm
  • Thank you for the tools you taught me at the Effective Meetings course. The tools are invaluable, they have created such an efficient work environment that we as a team are more productive and happier overall, simply because we no longer have those wasted meetings to gripe over
    Reuben Shanthikumar, P.Eng. Project Manager
    Transportation Design Division