The Workplace CovenantTM

The Workplace Covenant™ is a patented, exclusive relationship-building process developed by Silver Consulting.

Satisfying and effective workplace relationships make all the difference in organizational success. But often parties who are misaligned, or in conflict create demoralizing, unproductive work environments. They need to work together to find a way to get unstuck and clarify their obligations toward each other.

The Workplace Covenant™ Program helps take good relationships and make them great; and repairs broken relationships so they can be effective, satisfying and productive.

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What is the Workplace Covenant™?
The Workplace CovenantTM is a practical process to help any professional relationship increase respect, trust and partnership.

Parties who need to work cooperatively are brought together in facilitated half-or full-day session. The workshop enables the parties to dialogue, negotiate and agree on how they will work together.

The final outcome include signed documents that outline each party’s obligations to one other. The Covenants are reviewed regularly to ensure relationships remain positive, respectful and aligned.

Want to know more? Read about the Workplace Covenant in Dr. Silver’s article, Guidelines on the Effective Use of The Workplace Covenant, and also his article, “Transforming Professional Relationships”, in the industry’s leading magazine, Training + Development.

You can also call Silver Consulting at 585-241-3038, or email Seth at [email protected] to learn how the Workplace Covenant™ can help your organization become more engaged and productive.

What is the Covenant?
Two parties that need to work cooperatively are brought together in facilitated half-or full-day non-adversarial process. The workshop is a forum when parties can dialogue, negotiate and agree on how they will work effectively together.

The final outcome is a typed, signed document that outlines each parties obligation to and need from each other. Many managers hang this document on the wall to keep the commitment between parties always visible.

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Managers and Staff Rave About The Workplace Covenant™
“The Covenant brings up topics that are usually off limits.” Manager

“Now, when our team has a conflict, the Covenant can help us resolve it.” Manager

“The Covenant made it easier to manage my company.” International Company CEO

“No question this process greatly enhances team communication, camaraderie and commitment.” Fortune 50 HR Manager

“This process expedited years of “professional therapy” to be accomplished in a half a day!” National Non-Profit CEO

“The Covenant opened up everyone.” Staff Employee

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Real Benefits. Real Results.

  • Workplace relationships based on respect, trust and partnership
  • Improve team productivity, cooperation and communication
  • Gain employee commitment satisfied employees go the extra mile
  • Retain staff – engaged employees are more loyal
  • Delight customers – happy employees perform better

Workplace Covenant™ Sample Covenants, from a manager to a team:

  1. Act as a leader, empower the team
  2. I will trust each staff member
  3. Be open and attentive to needs, “check in”
  4. Help develop, mentor and coach the staff
  5. To give more positive feedback
  6. To be available and responsive

In agreement and support of the above:
_________________________ __________
signed by department head date