What Clients Say:

Seth brings a common sense, practical approach to solving problems, as well as an understanding of management theory.

Listen to what his clients say about his approach:

“A great facilitator and executive coach.”

“His coaching was a life-saver for my career.”

“He really understood our business.”

“He gave me the tools to look inside myself.”

“He’s brilliant as a professional . . .”

“He’s not only about theory, but real practical suggestions — strategies and tactics.”

“Seth is very understanding, and teaches us to be the same way.”

  • Brenda Kwan, Manager
    Dr. Seth Silver was brought in to help my team who, at the time, had a very challenging work environment due to some strong personality conflicts and trust had eroded over the period of more than a year. In 3 sessions over a 1 year span, Dr. Silver was able to guide the group to identify the "elephant in the room" in a safe space, give parameters of conduct through the Workplace Covenants created by the team, learned how to have productive and effective meetings, and generally provide honest and direct guidance to help the team move forward. As a manager, I also learned some very valuable tools to engage with staff who are struggling in the work environment. Over the year, I was able to witness the team come back together so that work can again progress. Though the personalities did not become "best friends", there was at least communication that can be had in order for the team to function. I and my team are very grateful for Dr. Silver’s expert guidance and knowledge translation. His ability to listen to the issues and find very real and practical solutions is one of his greatest assets. Thank you for bringing us back together!
    Brenda Kwan, Manager
  • Reuben Shanthikumar, P.Eng.  Project Manager
    Thank you for the tools you taught me at the Effective Meetings course. The tools are invaluable, they have created such an efficient work environment that we as a team are more productive and happier overall, simply because we no longer have those wasted meetings to gripe over
    Reuben Shanthikumar, P.Eng. Project Manager
    Transportation Design Division
  • Search Engine Marketing Firm
    Seth has been a key advisor and coach for me as I continue to develop as a business leader. His honest and open approach fosters a strong positive relationship for us, allowing for a high degree of trust and openness. His keen insights and broad understanding of business leadership concepts continue to parlay that trust into a very productive and positive growth experience. I highly recommend Seth as both a personal leadership coach and as an educator to groups of any size within your organization.
    Search Engine Marketing Firm