Engagement: Fact, Fiction, Application

Engagement: Fact, Fiction, Application: (Half-Day)
Introduction: The words “engagement” and “engage” are now used often in most workplaces. For example: “We want to engage our staff”, or “We want more engagement of our customers”.  The problem is, like many other words used in today’s organizations such as “customer service” or “communication”, we all have our own definitions and standards and there is little common agreement on what these terms actually mean. In the last 20 years, many organizations have begun to measure their levels of ‘employee engagement’, in the hopes that it will strengthen other factors they care about, such as morale, effort and commitment. These organizations are actually on to something, but the misunderstandings and misconceptions persist even among those who are familiar with the concept and work to promote it. What precisely is “employee engagement”, and what is it not?  Where did the concept come from?  How can it be measured?  Is a high or low level of employee engagement meaningful for the organization?  What are the real (as opposed to hyped) consequences of either?  If employee engagement is desirable, how can it be fostered?  This program directly addresses these questions.

Program Description: This informative three hour session begins with participants reflecting on when they “felt very engaged” and when they “felt highly disengaged”, noting the key differences and coming to a basic understanding of employee engagement as a state of mind in the workplace. The session then provides an important summary of the origin of the concept (antecedent ideas over the past 50 years); the most accepted definitions at this time (e.g. “a state of vigor, absorption and dedication”); and key research findings from the past 15 years on engagement levels globally, the impacts of engagement on individuals and organizations, and the most accepted measures.  The session then presents a ‘Top 10 List’ of practical ideas, many supported by research, to foster employee engagement. As always in these programs, there are partner exercises, relevant YouTube clips, and numerous opportunities for reflection, best practice sharing and action planning.  If your organization is thinking about an engagement strategy, or is already measuring engagement, this program will be revealing and helpful.

Learning Outcomes:
Participants in this three-hour workshop will:

  1. Reflect on their own experience being engaged, or not, at work
  2. Learn in some depth about the concept of employee engagement, its origins, limitations, measures and effects
  3. Learn ten practical ways to help any organization improve employee engagement, with positive results both to individuals and to the organization’s bottom line