1.The Workplace Covenant

Workplace relationships are critical to the effectiveness of any organization. How we get along with our boss, our team-mates, our customers, partners, etc. all has an effect on the quality of our products or services. Relationships affect engagement; they affect morale; they affect customer service; and ultimately, they affect how well we can do our job. Hence improving workplace relationships is not just a “nice to do”, it is a business imperative that is key to organization effectiveness.

The Workplace Covenant program is a structured, facilitated, half-day workshop designed to bring together two parties (manager-staff, two teams, staff-internal customers) in a non-adversarial process to dialogue, negotiate, and agree on how both parties can work effectively together to increase efficiency and productivity. The goal is for each party to develop an agreement that outlines how they will behave in relation to one another. These “Covenants” are then used as a means to ‘check in’ in on the relationship, ensure both parties are on track, and as a result of this process, alignment, respect, trust, communication and partnership are all strengthened. For more information on the Workplace Covenant program, please see our brochure and testimonials.

2.Conflict Resolution

Conflict is inevitable. At some point, two individuals, two teams, or two departments will experience real conflict in your organization. How the conflict gets addressed, how issues are settled, and how relationships are affected, can all have a critical impact on morale, the perception of organizational fairness, and the level of respect for management. Given what is at stake, it is helpful to have a trained resource with background in mediation, negotiation and conflict resolution offer service.

3.Team Building for Multiple Teams/Stakeholders

Teambuilding isn’t just for one a team at a time. Sometimes, there are multiple groups who work together and share common goals. And to strengthen communication, teamwork, trust, and reduce obstacles and problems, it can often be helpful to get all the groups together for a structured “team-building” experience. Our programs are fun, and at the same time, learning-filled, relevant, and guaranteed to bring your groups to higher levels of camaraderie, cohesion, and community.

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