1. Consulting and Facilitation on Strategic Planning

Dr. Silver will work with your organization to identify the issues and develop a plan around these five key areas of organizational strategic planning:

  • Organization mission, vision and beliefs
  • External environment “threats” and “opportunities”
  • Internal environment “strengths” and “weaknesses”
  • Key objectives, including supporting strategies, goals and champions; and
  • Measures/checkpoints for success.

2. Organization Climate Assessment

The goal is to obtain a ‘snapshot’ of your organization’s work environment, including strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The deliverable is a detailed Work Environment Report that provides key messages from focus groups and interviews, and a set of practical recommendations on how to improve the organizations “culture”, employee morale, and general business effectiveness.

3. Customer Feedback and Analysis

Let’s face it: most of your customers/clients will be more honest in their feedback with an outsider than they will be with you. By means of surveys, focus groups, interviews, etc., we gather important feedback data, then analyze and present it so as to help you make your products/services more successful, and help you to have better relationships with your customers/clients.

4. Facilitation of Change Initiatives

We have helped many organizations manage change over the years. Almost always, it helps to have a process guide, someone with background in how to position the desired change, communicate it, and create staff buy-in and commitment for the change at all levels. Whether the change effort is ‘cultural’, technical, or related to business strategy, we can help you develop and implement it to ensure success.

5. Organization Problem Analysis and Recommendation

All organizations face “problems” from time to time. Increased employee turnover, unexpected customer defections, poor teamwork, sales slumps, lack of revenue growth, slow time to market, lack of leadership ‘bench-strength’, etc. are all examples of problems encountered by large and small organizations alike. We can help you to define the problem, distinguish the root causes from the symptoms, and partner with you to identify and implement practical yet powerful solutions.

6. 360 Degree Feedback

360 degree feedback is a widely used tool which involves gathering multi-rater feedback on individuals, and compiling the results so as to enable professional development. Typically, a quantitative instrument is used to obtain behavioral or leadership related feedback on a target group of managers. Once the data is analyzed, the group results are extremely useful for identifying training and development needs of the group, and for supporting the processes of succession planning and competency assessment. We are licensed to use several types of standardized 360 instruments, and often recommend this tool be used before the roll-out of large-scale management training initiatives.

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