The 4 Es of Leadership:  (Half-Day)
Introduction: If you were to offer four pieces of essential advice to a manager so that he/she could be successful, what would you advise?  In effect, this program answers that question.  Using the easy to remember idea of “4 Es”, this program presents four separate leadership strategies and related concepts to help those who manage/lead others, at any level, be fully effective and respected.

Program Description: This highly interactive four hour session focuses on practical ideas related to being an effective leader at any level.  Following the warm up and introduction, participants reflect on the “best boss” and “worst boss” they have ever experienced.  The point is to compare how these individuals respectively behaved, their values, and the very different effects they had on their staff.  At this point the 4 Es are presented as a practical approach to becoming a ‘best boss’: 1) Be an Example; 2) Encourage Others; 3) Empower/Engage Your Team; and 4) Evaluate Yourself and the Team Often.  Each strategy is presented with supporting models and research, relevant YouTube clips, small group or partner sharing, and opportunities for assessment and personal reflection.  In the ‘Be an Example’ module, a few key ideas include the importance of being positive and rational, modeling behavior you want others to emulate, and ensuring your intentions are consistent with your words and actions. In the ‘Encourage’ module, the key ideas are the importance of appreciation, the science of listening, and value of coaching to build esteem and capability.  In the ‘Empower and Engage’ module, the power of questions is presented along with the importance of providing choice, structure and mutual accountability through workplace covenants.  Finally in the ‘Evaluate Yourself and Others Often’ module, the key idea is the power of helpful feedback and the role of humility to ensure everyone stays open, aligned and makes ‘course corrections’ in a timely way to achieve success.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants in this four-hour workshop will:

  1. Reflect on their experience with a ‘best’ and ‘worst’ boss
  2. Learn four key strategies and related practical ideas to become an effective leader
  3. Engage in ‘best practice sharing’ with others
  4. Action plan on how to be a ‘best boss’