Transforming Professional Relationships

Workplace covenants are needed to manage professional relationships to ensure respect, trust, and partnership.
Let’s face reality: not everyone loves their job. The research over the past several years on employee engagement, voluntary turnover, and career transition all suggest that somewhere between 25 and 40 percent of the U.S. workforce is dissatisfied, and is actively looking to change jobs, or is at least open to other employment opportunities.

Even our fictionalized accounts of work life, seen in such comedies as Office Space or The Office, portray life at work as frustrating, trivial, and, at times, demeaning. These depictions hit close to home, otherwise they would not be funny. So what is the message?

For all of our supposed progress over the past 40 years on participative management, quality of work life, situational leadership, TQM, diversity, empowerment, customer first seven habits, good to great, employee engagement, and more, we still have a long way to go… Download the original article for FREE!